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Ventus Aire's Character Sheet Empty Ventus Aire's Character Sheet

Post by Aera Rayenne on Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:47 am

Name: Ventus Aire
Age: 21
Backstory: "Well, since I was a child, I always desired to be a knight. I looked up to all the knights who protected the weak, and my father, who happened to be a knight as well. When I became old enough, he allowed me to take lessons and even spar against him, when he was home. I was able to join the knights of India after I was able to somehow best him. That was a proud day... One day, however, he never came home. I decided to go on a journey to find him. I still have not found him, and I have had a curse placed upon me due to a large misunderstanding. Anyway, that sums up most of my life, at least the knight part, I believe..."
Callsign: Green Phantasm
Class: Knight
HP: 20+2=22
MP: 20
Atk: 7+3+6=16
Def: 9+3+5+10=27
Spd: 4+2=6
Weapon: Sword & Shield

Knight's Resolve - Doubles the team's defense for 5 turns; costs 5 MP
Wind Spiral - Deals Atk x Def and has a chance of lifting an enemy up into the air, causing it to lose turns; costs 5 MP

Silver Sword (Atk+6)
Silver Shield (Def+5)
Enhanced Leather Vest (+10 Def)

HP Potion (small) x5 - Restores 1/4 of your HP
Potion of Remembrance x2 - Revives an ally

Level: 3
Exp: ?/?
AP: 0
Gold: 500
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